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Shadowed Stranger Design Final.jpg

Inside the firelit tavern, ringing with chatter and raucous laughter, the Stranger sits quietly in the corner, the hood of his dark cloak drawn up, casting his face into flickering shadows. His eyes gleam as he searches the room, his short sword at his side. His hand clenches around his tankard as his other hand quickly drops into the rough leather pouch at his side...

   Outside, the wind whistles through the trees as dark settles on the town. From the branches of an oak grove a lithe figure crouches on an upper branch. The form fitting leather of her tunic blends her into the early autumn leaves not yet turned. She fits an arrow to her bow and slowly sights on her target...

Welcome to the Shadowed Stranger. Here there be fine leather clothing and gear for any adventurer, be they Dark Makers of Mischief or Warriors of Great Renown. Outfit your party for their noble quest. Arm them with sharp pointy blades, get magical journals of lore, or the tools of their trade. Clothe in protective leather, hide in Cloaks of Obscurity, or obtain flasks and bottles for potions of healing(medicinal purposes only we're sure!)

Many items are kept in stock, some may have to be custom made. Be sure to visit us in person at the many fine faires we attend. All prices subject to change without notice. Send inquiries to

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